This video out of New Jersey is going viral a few months after the fact, showing a U.S. Army veteran going off on lawmakers over gun control. At the February forum, Democrats approved 20 new gun control measures that restrict access to firearms and ammo in the state.

"You are guilty!" Nicholas Purpura yelled. "The blood of the innocent people and the children is on your hands."

He called the lawmakers "hypocrites," arguing they were in favor of "tying the hands" of law-abiding citizens who want to defend themselves and "aiding and abetting the criminal."

Purpura challenged the legislators to explain how any of the bills would have stopped Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza.

“We should throw every one of you out of office if you continue this lunacy. Bring us back to sanity. We are American citizens. Read your Constitution!”

Purpura's fiery testimony has now been viewed more than 400,000 times on YouTube. Watch the full video below: