This Sunday, for the first time in history, two popes will be canonized on the very same day. Millions of people are expected to go to Vatican City for the momentous occasion.

Pope John XXIII was the oldest pope elected since 1670 and is most revered for convening the Second Vatican Council in 1962. Pope John Paul II was the longest serving pope of the past century and is credited with igniting the end of Communism. He will hold the record for the fastest saint to be canonized in the history of the Catholic Church.

Today on America’s Newsroom, executive vice president and executive editor of Fox News, John Moody explained the significance of the canonization. Moody, who has written a biography on Pope John Paul II, told Martha MacCallum that this was no accident.

He said that the current pontiff, Pope Francis, recognizes that there liberal and conservative Catholics.

“What Pope Francis is doing is taking […] these two popes who represented different ends of the spectrum and pushing them together. He’s trying to solidify the church behind his vision for the future,” Moody said.

Sunday’s canonization will be a solemn event, Moody said. “It is the formal recognition of two saints who have lived their lives the right way.”

Hear more about what makes these two popes eligible for sainthood in the America’s Newsroom segment below.

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