We may be getting closer to the possibility of a third Bush entering the White House. The Bush family is now coming out in support of a presidential run by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Neil Bush, younger brother of Jeb and George W., told CNN that if one were to ask his father whether Jeb should run in 2016, the family patriarch and 41st president "would say yes."

Earlier this week, the 61-year-old Jeb Bush said he's "thinking about running for president" in what was his most direct comment about a potential campaign. A recent Fox News Poll gave Bush 14% support, one point behind New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and tied with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

So, who better to ask about another Bush presidential run than The Five's Dana Perino, former press secretary for President George W. Bush?

Perino pointed out this morning that Jeb, Hillary Clinton, and Rand Paul would be similar candidates in that they would have to "distance" themselves from views or past decisions of family members. But she believes that "on paper," Jeb has a superior list of achievements compared to Hillary Clinton.

Saying she considers herself a close family friend of the Bushes, Perino said the country would have to "get past" the idea of one of the two families holding the presidency again if it ends up being Hillary vs. Jeb.

Perino and Martha MacCallum noted that Jeb's biggest challenge will be winning over Republicans, pointing to a recent comment in which he said illegal immigrants come to the United States as an "act of love."

Watch the discussion above, and tell us how you feel about a potential run by Jeb. Plus, hear more from Dana each day on The Five at 5p ET!