A shocking report claims that dozens of veterans died while waiting for care at VA hospitals. Earlier on Fox and Friends, one Arizona woman spoke out about the alleged secret waiting list her father-in-law was on when he died before receiving care.

Today on The Real Story, Gretchen Carlson spoke to retired Marine Corp veteran David Isham from Arizona who is in need of heart surgery.

Isham, who served in the military from 1991 to 1997, suffers from supraventricular tachycardia. The heart condition causes the upper half of his heart to beat faster than the lower half.

For over a year, Isham has been waiting for his heart surgery to be scheduled. He told Gretchen that the VA hospital in Phoenix is planning on outsourcing the surgery.

Meanwhile, he said it has been difficult working full time. Just last week, Isham was rushed to the hospital from work during an episode.  He said it took doctors at the hospital almost two hours to contact any member at the VA medical center.

“I couldn’t afford the hospitalization stay at the John C Lincoln [Hospital] so I went ahead and left against medical advice,” he said.

Isham believes that bureaucracy at the VA in Phoenix is “abnormal.”

“In my hospital experience, there was a gentleman next to me – an elderly veteran – that hadn’t had a shower in seven days. He requested through seven doctors trying to ask if he could be bathed and it finally took a threat by myself before he was actually bathed,” he recalled, adding that understaffing is a major issue at the hospital.