A shocking bipartisan report charges that a top watchdog at the Department of Homeland Security delayed hundreds of investigations at the request of the Obama administration.

In September, Charles K. Edwards resigned as DHS acting inspector general just three days before he was scheduled to appear at a Senate hearing on his close ties with leaders in the Obama administration.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) said in a statement, “We found that Mr. Edwards was a compromised inspector general … who was not exercising real oversight. Any report generated out of his office would be suspect.”

This latest report comes from the Senate Committee with Oversight for Homeland Security. Whistleblowers allege that Edwards had ordered them to strike negative information about the Secret Service and evidence implicating a White House staff member in connection with the 2012 Columbia prostitute scandal.

Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported that more staff members came forward to allege deletions and delays in other reports, even the destruction of documents.

The watchdog group Cause of Action told Fox News that they are questioning whether Attorney General Eric Holder will take action in the Edwards case.

Executive director Daniel Epstein, said, “We have a very clear example of a federal taxpayer-funded employee, who’s engaged in overreach, who’s engaged in inappropriate activities and who’s clearly violated the law. The Justice Department does nothing, and I think that’s a clear statement that essentially if you work for this administration, you’re above the law. “

Edwards remains a taxpayer-funded employee at DHS.