From the medical dangers of marijuana to the growing calls for legalization, Sean Hannity takes an in-depth look at pot culture in the special, "Stoned America," airing this Friday on Fox News Channel.

Watters Goes to CO Pot Rally, Asks If Anyone's Heard About Alarming New Study

NEW: Colorado 4th-Graders Caught Selling Pot at School

All this week, Hannity has been exploring the dangers of marijuana and gave viewers a firsthand look at a 4/20 pot rally in Denver, Colorado.  

In a startling new report, researchers at Northwestern University discovered that young adults who use marijuana once or twice a week have brain abnormalities.

Stoners at the pot rally were asked what they thought about the study. Unsurprisingly, many of them were not too concerned about the findings. Several people pointed out that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana.

In the sneak peek above, one man says, “If we were going to label a gateway drug, we would have to go for caffeine or aspirin.”

Watch the sneak peek above, and check out more footage from the Denver pot rally below. Then, tune in tomorrow at 10p ET to see the Hannity Special: Stoned America.