Megyn Kelly shared some great news with us on Fox and Friends this morning, as Time Magazine named her one of its 100 Most Influential People. Kelly is listed in the "Pioneers" section of the list, with longtime Fox News colleague Brit Hume providing the write-up. 

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Under the headline, "an authoritative force in cable news," Hume wrote:

Ten years ago, my wife Kim, then Fox News’ Washington bureau chief, walked into my office carrying a videocassette. “You have got to see this,” Kim said. It was the audition tape of a local TV reporter then named Megyn Kendall. She was a lawyer and new to the business, but her tape displayed as full a set of the qualities of a network correspondent as I had ever seen: great looks, strong voice, authoritative yet cheerful presence and obvious intelligence. In other words, limitless potential. But there was a problem: we had no openings, which was quickly pointed out to me when I enthused about her during a phone call with Fox News chair Roger Ailes and other executives. “Please,” I asked Roger, “just look at the tape.” I suspected he would see what I had seen. He did, and an opening was created. From the start, Megyn gave us insightful Supreme Court coverage, and she was among the first to spot flaws in the false rape charges against the Duke lacrosse players. She was too good to last as a mere correspondent, and she didn’t. The rest, as they say, is history.

Brian, Steve, and Elisabeth congratulated the The Kelly File host this morning after the magazine hit newsstands.

Calling it an "honor" to make the list, Kelly talked about trying to stay grounded amid her success, using a recent trip to a Broadway show as an example. Kelly said she and her husband got to go backstage and meet the stars of "The Bridges of Madison County."

"In the middle of one of my perceivingly brilliant questions, the male lead is like 'so, do you want a picture?' They had no idea who I was. My husband tried to throw me a lifeline. The point is, I try not to get drunk on my own wine, because I'd be the only one," she joked.

So how did she go from lawyer to reporter to primetime host on the most-watched cable news channel?

"All I've ever done is tried to do the best job I can, whatever job I'm in. My general work philosophy is: keep my head down and my mouth shut and work hard. And that's worked out fine for me."

She recalled that when she got the job at Fox News it meant taking a significant pay cut from her legal career.

"It wasn't about pay at that point. It was about trying to find happiness and professional fulfillment and thankfully I have," she explained.

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