Actor Dean Cain joined Your World today to discuss how he’s trying to get Washington, D.C. focused on creating jobs.

Cain said he’s socially liberal, but when it comes to the economy and foreign policy, he’s conservative.  

Last month, when Senate Democrats pulled an all-nighter to bring awareness about climate change, Dean tweeted:

On Your World, Cain said he received some backlash on social media for that tweet, but he maintained that it was just a “political stunt” by Democrats.

Guest host Stuart Varney asked the actor whether he receives backlash for being an open conservative in liberal Hollywood.

Cain said, “I’ve never noticed that because I’m very willing to discuss any politics with anybody.”

The biggest issue he is taking on is high taxes. He’s in favor of cutting taxes and cutting spending because common sense says that smaller government and privatizing more businesses is better for the economy.

Cain said it’s “crazy” that the government spends more money than its brining in.

“I can’t run a business that way, I can’t run a household that way,” he pointed out. “How can we run government that way?

Moving on to Hollywood, Cain discussed his upcoming projects including a show on VH1 called “Hit the Floor.” Check out the full interview in the clip above!