A new Georgia law that expands the rights of gun owners is re-igniting the debate on whether communities are safer when citizens have more freedom to carry a gun.

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The bill, signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Nathan Deal (R), has been trumpeted by the NRA as "the most comprehensive pro-gun reform legislation introduced in recent state history."

According to FoxNews.com, the bill allows those with a license to carry to bring a gun into a bar without restriction and into some government buildings that don't have certain security measures. It also allows religious leaders to decide whether it's OK for a person with a carry license to bring a gun into their place of worship. 

Under the bill, school districts would now be able, if they wanted, to allow some employees to carry a firearm under certain conditions. The bill also eliminates the fingerprinting requirement for renewing carry licenses.

According to the Marietta Daily Journal, the legislation prohibits the state from creating and maintaining a database of licensed weapons carriers and repeals the state-required license for firearms dealers.

Gretchen Carlson debated the new law this afternoon with Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene and John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime. Greene called out Deal and Republicans for siding with the "corporate gun lobby" instead of thinking about public safety.

She claimed 91 percent of Georgia voters are against this type of law, along with pastors, police chiefs and restaurants.

Lott said it was "incorrect" for Greene to say that most Georgians are against the law. He argues that criminals target areas where they know people are not armed, such as a gun-free zone.

Greene countered by saying "the more guns you have, the more mayhem and chaos there is," arguing that in the case of a mass shooting, police officers do not want citizens armed at the scene.

Watch the contentious debate above, and let us know your position below.

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