Is marijuana going mainstream? According to a recent Pew survey, 75 percent of Americans think that marijuana will be legalized nationwide.

Viral Video Appears to Show Toddler Smoking Pot

Washington and Colorado have legalized pot, but New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) says not in his state on his watch.

Gov. Christie said on a local radio station, “I am not going to be the governor who is going to tell our children and our young adults that marijuana use is okay because it’s not.”

The outspoken governor went on to say that he “doesn’t care “about the tax money that could come from legalizing weed.

For good measure, he added, “I don’t care quite frankly that it’s inevitable. It’s not inevitable here. I’m not going to permit it. Never as long as I’m governor.”

Today on The Five, Greg Gutfeld reacted to Gov. Christie calling weed a gateway drug. Gutfeld said, “You know what is deadlier than pot, Governor Christie, what kills 300,000 people every year – obesity. There are no recorded deaths by overdose of marijuana.”

Gutfeld said legalizing drugs does not mean a person is permitting drug use. “If you’re pro-gun, does that mean that you are advocating children shooting themselves?”

Sean Hannity, a guest-host on The Five today, said that Gutfeld’s side of the argument is winning.

“Because of the tax revenue, I think this is going to go state to state to state. Obviously not in New Jersey, but I think it’s going to get bigger. I think the money is just too much I don’t think government’s going to be able to resist it,” he said.

Hannity’s show sent producers to a 4/20 pot rally in Denver, Colorado last week. He said that after seeing the footage, he thought, “I wouldn’t want my kid there and I don’t think you’d want your kids there.”

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