Consumer advocate Erin Brockovich is taking on a new battle. The tough as nails activist is seeking justice for military families poisoned by toxic drinking water at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

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Website reported:

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has taken the side of electronics manufacturer CTS Corporation in a court case yesterday that could strip legal rights from military families poisoned by toxic drinking water at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC, and others harmed by industrial pollution across the country.

The case, CTS Corporation v. Waldburger, will decide if federal environmental law preempts North Carolina’s statute of repose, which imposes a 10-year limit to file a lawsuit. A ruling in favor of CTS Corporation would void injury claims of Asheville, NC, residents who, for decades, were exposed to trichloroethlylene—a known carcinogen—on land contaminated by the company.

Through November 11, 2013, there were 655 veterans receiving treatment, and the toxic water was linked to 15 illnesses and conditions including cancer. No family members affected were helped by the government.  

Following yesterday’s rally on the steps of the Supreme Court, Erin Brockovich spoke to Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Fox and Friends.  

If the 10-year statute of repose is upheld she said, “All of the servicemen and woman who have come home and found that their families have been poisoned, many have had their children die in their arms, they will have no recourse.”

Brockovich said it’s “inexcusable” and “extremely disturbing” that the current administration doesn’t have the backs of our troops who make it home alive and are poisoned on their own soil.

“The military needs to know that our government is with them and not leave them in the lurch especially when it affects their health and the welfare of their families and their children,” she said.

Brockovich said many of the veterans she has spoken to are bewildered and angry.

“This is their nation, they will fight for it. […] To come home and almost feel that their own government has turned their back on them is almost in some instances more than they can bear.” 

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