Video shows a North Carolina deputy yelling, snatching two cellphones and handcuffing a retired Marine after reportedly responding to a dispute between neighbors over their dogs.

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The confrontation reportedly began when Natalie Barber asked Carlos Jaramillo for identification. Jaramillo handed her his government-issued Veterans Affair card, which she would not accept.

In the video, Barber can be heard yelling at Jaramillo for recording the situation on his cellphone. She then snatched both his phone and his son’s phone. His son continued to record the incident on a third phone. Jaramillo was cuffed and detained, but no charges were filed.

Barber alleges that Jaramillo was being aggressive, but Jaramillo says the officer was out of line.

The sheriff’s department says Barber acted properly because she felt that she was being threatened.

What do you think of the incident? Watch the full video below, and sound off in the comments.

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