One woman’s desire to be famous is so strong that she reportedly is contemplating an abortion in order to appear on the UK reality show, “Big Brother.”

Last July, Josie Cunningham made headlines after receiving a taxpayer-funded boob job. What’s more outrageous is that she wanted UK’s National Health Services to foot the bill for her breast reduction, claiming her bigger breasts attracted negative attention.

In her latest attention grab, Cunningham spoke to the Sunday Mirror about her reality show dreams.

“I would have to say I’m having the abortion to further my career, definitely,” Cunningham says.

She goes on to say, “Another reason was cause after ‘Big Brother’ approached me, um, the women to go on the show – they went a bit cold after they saw in a recent publication that I was pregnant and I know they’ll get back on board, you know, after the abortion.”

She was reported to have postponed the abortion after the show said they wouldn’t have her on. However, Cunningham disputed that claim, tweeting out: “I have just been told that I haven’t been ruled out of Big Brother! UNLUCKY HATERS!”

Hear what The Five had to say about this story in the video above.