A study from The New York Times found that working and middle class Americans are falling behind their counterparts in Canada and parts of Western Europe in terms of salary.

According to the Times, managers and executives are taking all the money and leaving little for workers. President Barack Obama and many Democrats want to redistribute income, believing that the government can stimulate higher wages.

'True Poverty is Being Driven By Personal Behavior’: O'Reilly Talks War on Poverty

“Talking Points submits that the socialistic trend is the real problem with wage growth in America,” Bill O’Reilly said, adding that a punishing tax system means that billions of dollars are kept overseas instead of expanding industry here.

"The Factor" host believes that the Times wants capitalism diminished.

“They want corporate America to give, not earn,” he said.

O’Reilly said that we should emphasize developing a skill set and hard work ethic in this country.

“Instead the idle talk is all about inequality, that the system is rigged, telling working Americans they are victims, therefore some don’t strive as hard as they might,” he said. “Capitalism made this country the most prosperous on Earth, and we should damn well get back to it because if we don’t, you might want to think about working in Canada.”

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above.

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