A New Jersey doctor who ran up a hefty bill at a strip club is refusing to pay out because he claims he was drugged by employees.

Last November, Dr. Zyad Younan made four trips in just 10 days to a gentlemen’s club called Scores in New York City. He ran up a $135K tab for dances, food and drinks, and signed for it all using his corporate credit card.

More from The New York Post:

Scores NY says in its suit that 41-year-old bachelor Dr. Zyad Kivarkis Younan “voluntarily’’ visited the West 28th Street strip club on four occasions in November for “services, food and beverages.”

“He spent a lot of money,” club rep Steven Sabbeth told The Post. “He was partaking and tipping and drinking.”

Younan — who lives in Holmdel, NJ, and specializes in clinical cardiac electrophysiology at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital — signed his American Express bills at the club.

But he later disputed the charges, claiming that he couldn’t possibly have rung up that high a bill without having been drugged.

“[Younan claimed] he was drugged by plaintiffs’ employees and thus did not authorize the charges,” according to Scores’ Manhattan civil suit filed Tuesday.

The doc said he wasn’t even at the adult playhouse on some of the days in question: Nov. 17, 23, 26 and 28, according to court papers.

But Sabbeth said there is irrefutable evidence of Younan enjoying himself those days at the club.

“We have it on tape,” he said.


Sabbeth was not able to give a breakdown of Younan’s activities at the club, but he said the most popular services include $20 lap dances and room rentals for up to $1,000 an hour. Each dancer costs extra.

Today on Happening Now, criminal defense attorney John Manuelian said the good doctor will have to prove he was drugged. “The preponderance of evidence, which is 51 to 49 percent in civil court, has to be shown on one side or the other to win the case,” he explained.

Criminal prosecutor Dan Schorr said that if the allegation is true, it’s a major criminal offense. However, he said it's a red flag that the doctor didn’t go to the police after the alleged drugging and theft.

Manuelian said it’ll come down to the video evidence provided by the club that will show if Dr. Younan appeared coherent and lucid.

He called the doctor’s claims a “ploy” to reduce his bill and predicted that the case will be settled before going to court.