Charles Krauthammer tonight weighed in on the Justice Department's plan to expand clemency, the president’s visit to Asia, and the U.S. response to the crisis in Ukraine.

Of the clemency rule change, Krauthammer said, “Why can’t the president obey the Constitution, execute the laws faithfully and let Congress change them?”

He noted that many prisoners have plea bargains and should have gotten much tougher sentences, adding that he hopes this change won’t lead to mass clemency.

“You’ve got people who may be pretty bad apples in this crop that you wanna be extremely careful about releasing," he said.

Krauthammer said that Obama’s tour of Asia is a very important trip where he needs to show seriousness.

Krauthammer said the administration has not shown seriousness through its recent actions, particularly with the crisis in Ukraine. He said Obama is finally sending troops to Poland, but only 150, saying that’s “not exactly a deterrent.”

He also referenced Vice President Joe Biden’s announcement of a $50 million aid package to Ukraine, which Krauthammer said is “almost a joke.”

“That can’t get you a duplex apartment in Manhattan," he said.

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