Dozens of police officers, including an elite SWAT team backed up by helicopters, arrived at a Long Island, New York, home Tuesday after receiving a report of a murder. It turned out, however, that it was all a hoax linked to the popular video game "Call of Duty."

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The losing gamer reportedly called police, telling them "I just killed my mother and I might shoot more people,” identifying himself of Rafael Castillo, 17, of Long Beach.

The prankster had apparently just lost a game of "Call of Duty" to Castillo. Police arrived to find Castillo's mom in the kitchen.

It took 20 minutes for cops to reach Castillo, who was still playing video games with earphones, and heard none of the commotion outside.

Authorities say it's part of a disturbing new trend among online video gamers called "swatting." In the hoax, someone calls in a threat or false report to police, trying to get as many cops as possible to show up at someone else's house.

Police will now try to use the electronic footprint in their attempt to find out who placed the hoax call. They say the perpetrator likely figured out Castillo's IP address and then was able to pinpoint where he lived.

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