A feel-good story out of Dallas, where a nine-year-old boy took the money he was saving for his PS4 video game system and instead used it to help promote fire safety. Hector Montoya heard on the news about a fire that killed a mother and child in a home that did not have a smoke detector installed.

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After his mom explained that some needy families don't have smoke detectors, Hector thought of the $300 he had already saved.

"I said, saving a life is more important," he told Jenna Lee today on Happening Now, adding that he wants to be a firefighter one day.

Over the weekend, Montoya went around with local firefighters in Grand Prairie, Texas, as they installed about 100 smoke detectors in neighborhood homes that needed them.

"It felt really awesome that I was helping people," said Hector, recalling that grateful families told him he was doing a "good thing."

And proving that what goes around comes around: Hector got his PS4. When his story appeared on the local news, one family took it upon themselves to personally bring a PS4 to Hector, KXAS-TV reported.

Watch the interview in the video above.

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