Imagine this: you're gassing up your car when you notice the pickup truck at the next pump has an 800-pound shark in its bed! This is exactly what happened near Pensacola Beach, Florida, and the motorist's Facebook photo of the scene has now gone viral.

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Earnie Polk, 43, said he and his cousin, Joey Polk, hooked the 11-foot-long mako shark while surfcasting from the shore of a Gulf Coast beach last week, the Pensacola News Journal reported. He said it took an hour to wrestle the shark to the shore.

They were only planning to tell family and close friends about the catch, but then the photo below began making the rounds. It turns out Polk and his cousin hold three records from the International Land-Based Shark Fishing Association.

Their latest catch may be a world record for a shortfin mako. Polk said usually they release what they catch, but in this case the shark was exhausted and could not swim out to sea again.

Check out the photos from America's Newsroom below!

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Credit: West Calhoun/Pensacola News Journal
Credit: Joey Polk
Credit: Joey Polk