Recently, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio ended the controversial NYPD surveillance unit which targeted Muslims. Paul Browne, former NYPD deputy commissioner of public information, publicly denounced the mayor's decision.

“Mayor de Blasio, playing to his far left base, doesn’t want militant Muslims under watch in the city unless there’s probable cause, a much more difficult prospect for police,” he said. “So once again, political correctness puts all New Yorkers in danger.”

Tonight on The Factor, Bill O’Reilly debated Osama Siblani, of the Arab American News, over Mayor de Blasio’s decision.

Right off the bat, O’Reilly was “stunned” when Siblani denied knowing of any militant jihadists in his home state of Michigan.

“It’s a figment of your imagination, Bill,” Siblani said, asking O’Reilly where the jihadists live.

O’Reilly fired back, saying, “It’s not my job to give you information. You’re supposed to be a newspaper guy; you’re supposed to go get it."

Siblani said that if he knew of any person planning to harm the United States, he’d be the first to call the FBI.

“I don’t doubt that,” O’Reilly responded. “But I think you are terribly naïve because there are militant jihadists in this country and they use mosques sometimes to spread their word.”

Siblani then brought up the fact that Ivan Lopez, the Army Specialist who opened fire at Fort Hood earlier this month, was not a Muslim.

But O’Reilly continued to slam Mayor de Blasio’s decision, saying that it went against NYPD intelligence who pinpointed people and places where Islamic jihad is accepted.

However, Siblani argued that elected officials should not be “harassing” their own people with surveillance policies and that all citizens are protected by the Constitution against this kind of practice. O’Reilly maintained that no one’s constitutional rights are being violated. He said that police have the right to track anyone they believe may be a threat, whether it’s drug dealers, child molesters or jihadists.

He told Siblani, “You are basically siding with de Blasio who says, ‘you know what, we don’t really care. We’ll let them attack first then we’ll do something about it.’”

Watch the full debate above and tell us what you think about this change in policy.

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