A new memo from Democratic strategists advises party candidates not to mention “the recovery.” President Obama has repeatedly used that word to describe the economy.

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The memo, put out by Democracy Corps and the Women's Voices Women Vote Action Fund, goes on to advise: “The more powerful set-up for Democrats’ economic message is the contrast with CEOs and the 1 percent whose incomes have soared, while everyone else works hard just to get by.”

The Associated Press reported:

Coincidentally or not, Democrats have largely shelved the "R'' word.

President Barack Obama's only utterance of it in recent weeks was on April 8, and it was in the context of accusing Republicans of blocking progress on issues that "would help with the economic recovery and help us grow faster."

Additionally, at a news conference on March 26 where they announced a campaign-season agenda, neither Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., nor most of the other five lawmakers present uttered the word "recovery."

The strategic advice comes at a time Democrats are working to maximize turnout, particularly among women, for the fall elections, when they face a determined challenge from Republicans vying to add control of the Senate to their seemingly secure House majority.

Simultaneously, Democrats are struggling to respond effectively to persistent Republican attacks on the nation's health care law.

This morning on Fox and Friends, legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. said that as the midterm elections near, more Democrats will push concepts instead of numbers.

He highlighted several important numbers they'll ignore, including the 6.7 percent unemployment rate, only 63 percent of Americans in the workforce, and one in seven people who are on food stamps.

Instead, Johnson said, Democrats will try to divide the rich and the poor by blaming the “one percent.” The party will also tout redistribution under the guise of ObamaCare.

Johnson said the advice is “absolutely right” because Democrats will lose if they mention chronic unemployment and other weak numbers.

“Don’t talk about numbers, talk about concepts. […] Talk about people not liking each other and the Republicans are to blame for that. Gridlock in America, not because of chronic unemployment, not because one in seven are on food stamps, but because of the Koch brothers and because of the one percent.”

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