Sean Hannity tonight took on Jon Stewart, after “The Daily Show” host mocked Hannity’s coverage of the Nevada ranch standoff.

“He’s kind of obsessed with this program,” Hannity said of Stewart, calling him and his friends at Comedy Central “cheap apologists for the Obama administration.”

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Hannity aired several clips from his own coverage, in which he references the lack of proportionality in the government’s response to Bundy and his family.

“What are we talking about here? Cows eating free government grass. Can I make my position any more clear to Mr. Stewart? I stand for proportionality. What I do not stand for are 200 armed federal agents and snipers pointing their guns at the Bundy family and their supporters. I do not support members of the BLM pushing, shoving women, and cattle being euthanized and killed, and mass graves for cattle for no reason. But I have to be honest. I am shocked that Jon Stewart, who claims that he’s such a devout law and order type of guy, would be OK with any of this,” Hannity said.

Hannity wondered where Stewart stands – with Harry Reid, who called the Bundy family “domestic terrorists,” or Donna Brazile, who likened Bundy to Timothy McVeigh?

Watch the full clip above.

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