Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) sat down with Bill Hemmer this morning to go over the latest developments out of Ukraine. On Tuesday during a visit to Kiev, Vice President Joe Biden announced the U.S. has pledged another $50 million to help the Ukrainian government with political and economic reforms.

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He also called on Russia to "stop talking and start acting" in order to deescalate the tension in the region. Meantime, the State Department is touting photographic "evidence" that purports to show Russian special forces in eastern Ukraine, despite Vladimir Putin's claims that his operatives are not behind unrest in the area.

McCain believes more must be done, calling on President Obama to send defensive weapons to the Ukraine government, enact more sanctions, and put forth a plan for Ukraine to become energy-independent. He maintained he does not believe there should be U.S. troops on the ground.

The senator then revealed that a recent shipment of MRE's (meals-ready-to-eat) could not be flown into Ukraine by U.S. aircraft.

"They had be driven in on civilian trucks because they didn't want to quote 'antagonize' Vladimir Putin. That's so bizarre, it's unbelievable," said McCain, arguing that it all comes down to Obama not believing in "America's role of leading the world."

McCain said Putin will "take whatever he can get" in eastern Ukraine, while Obama continues to call for more negotiations like the ones held in Geneva last week.

"Geneva is now a metaphor for do nothing," he said.

McCain said he is not predicting "World War III," but believes that Putin must pay more of a price for "absorbing" part of a country.

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