Willie Robertson was on “Hannity” tonight ahead of his birthday tomorrow.

Sean Hannity brought the “Duck Dynasty” star a cake for his birthday, and they talked about the reality show’s high ratings.

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“It’s a bunch of unique characters, and we’re true to life,” Robertson said of his family.

Hannity, who is a super fan, said maybe he should be on the show.

“You on the show?” Robertson laughed. “You don’t have a beard.”

Robertson said he’d take Hannity duck hunting, though he said Hannity doesn’t look like the kind of guy who can blow a duck call.

“You’re saying that I have yuppie in me, and there’s no yuppie in me!” Hannity said.

To that, Robertson replied, “Sean, you’re screaming yuppie!”

Watch the funny exchange above. Check out photos from the set of "Hannity" below!

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