The National Labor Relations Board wants to force companies to give workers’ phone numbers and addresses to unions ahead of labor elections.

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The Daily Caller reported:

The Obama administration is poised to change regulations to allow for union “ambush elections” in which workers have less time to decide whether or not to join a union — and in which workers’ phone numbers and home addresses are provided to unions.

The administration’s National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) proposed rules would allow for union elections — in which workers at a company vote whether or not to unionize — to be held 10 days after a petition is filed. And what, exactly, would be happening to the unions during those 10 days? The new rules require employers to disclose workers’ personal information, including phone numbers, home addresses, and information about when they work their shifts.

Insiders close to the situation believe the new rules will almost certainly go into effect with few or no fundamental changes.

Today on Your World, Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on the developing report.

“This is the most pro-union NLRB in the modern era,” the judge said, noting that it’s made up mostly of Democrats.  

He explained that people's information is protected by the Fourth Amendment and therefore, "the government cannot force anybody to give that away unless the person voluntarily says you can give my information.”

Judge Napolitano predicted that the first federal judge to hear this request will invalidate it.

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