If you're an animal lover, specifically dogs, then this story from Happening Now is right up your alley. Jonathan Serrie reported from Atlanta on efforts there to find homes for pets, and keep them out of animal shelters where they would face the prospect of being euthanized.

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Overall, the Humane Society reports that the number of dogs and cats being euthanized in animal shelters has dropped dramatically. Along with spay and neuter campaigns, analysts point to increased efforts to find homes for unwanted pets before they are brought to a shelter.

About 15 million pets were being euthanized annually in 1970, but the number was down to three million in 2011. And the downward trend is said to be continuing even as the pet population is booming.

Serrie visited an Atlanta nonprofit that helps people who are considering bringing their pet to a shelter. The LifeLine Animal Project has helped two county shelters reduce their euthanasia rates from historic highs of 85 percent to now as low as 20 percent.

Watch the full report above.

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