A “Special Report” panel tonight discussed Fox News poll numbers on ObamaCare and the latest CBO report.

If ObamaCare is the only difference between candidates, 53 percent of respondents said they would vote for the person who will fight against it, while 39 percent said they would vote for the person who will fight for it.

Ron Fournier, of the National Journal, says candidates in red states will run from ObamaCare.

He also discussed the latest CBO report, which says 31 million will still be uninsured in 10 years. Fournier said one-third of those are illegal immigrants, and 5 percent are people who are in states where Medicaid doesn’t cover them. He said Republicans should look at immigration reform.

“Those percentages were equally applicable to the number of uninsured claim at the beginning of Obamacare as the reason for Obamacare, they were equally inflated as a way to make the problem look larger,” Charles Krauthammer said. “So you can’t include all those numbers in the problem and then exclude them from the solution.”

“I’m not against insuring the uninsured,” Krauthammer continued. “I’m against an administration that decides to remake a sixth of the American economy in order to attack a specific problem which it is not really attacking.”

In another Fox News poll, 39 percent said they favored ObamaCare, while 56 percent opposed it.

George Will said that no one in this country is undecided on ObamaCare.

Watch more of the panel above.

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