A promotional ad for a Seattle burger chain stirred controversy by featuring Jesus with a joint.

Easter coincided with 4/20 this year, a date celebrated by pot smokers. Lunchbox Laboratory’s ad showed Jesus holding a sandwich and a joint, and offered two "Burgers of the Gods" for the price of one on Easter Sunday.

“That thing with Jesus [has] just gone over the top. […] On Easter Sunday? Come on,” Bob Beckel said.

“You’ve gotta remind yourself that they use Jesus and not Mohammed, that says more about Christianity [...] because they know that they can do it. It says a lot about the fact that we’re like ‘That’s stupid, but we’re not going to kill you,'” Greg Gutfeld responded.

Owner John Schmidt said the ad got more attention than he anticipated. He said he didn’t put it on TV, he just sent it to his customers.

“I’m not your moral compass,” Schmidt said. “We’re just trying to sell sandwiches. If you’re looking to me for moral direction, you’re probably misguided.”

What do you think of the ad?

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