Two brothers who each lost a leg in the Boston Marathon bombing shared their stories with Bill Hemmer, who's live in Boston today, looking back at the scene of terror that unfolded and their inspiring recoveries.

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J.P. and Paul Norden were both wounded in the second explosion and rushed to different hospitals. J.P. recalled that after the first blast "all hell broke loose," and the brothers and their friends decided to get off the sidewalk and into the street.

That's when the second bomb went off right near them. At first, J.P. said he didn't realize he was hurt badly.

"Finally, I tried to get up ... and this leg was gone," he recalled, adding that he was also on fire. He described a restaurant throwing out table cloths to bleeding victims and ordinary people rushing in to help.

"I would like to think I would do what they did, but OK, two bombs just went off and they still ran towards it. They didn't run away from it," J.P. said, remembering that he thought more bombs were going to go off.

Paul Norden said he was knocked unconscious by the explosion and when he woke up, a former military member was tending to him. Paul said all he could feel was a burning sensation in his lower back.

After getting pneumonia and going into a coma, Paul eventually made it through and the brothers finally reunited.

The brothers have since written a book together, entitled Twice As Strong, and they both have an amazing sense of positivity after the attack.

"Knowing tomorrow I'm gonna be able to do a little bit more than I could do today. I guess that's the way I wanna do with everything. Everything going forward is gonna be in a positive way," said J.P., who referred to the past year as the "best and worst" of their lives.

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