About two years ago, a pit bull puppy was thrown from a car and left for dead in Long Island, N.Y. Today, the fully recovered pit bull was on “Fox and Friends” for Easter Sunday.

Joey suffered a broken neck when he was tossed from a car and had a 50/50 chance of survival. He had an even slimmer chance of ever walking again.

Thanks to the help of veterinarians, including Dr. Lynda Loudon, who adopted him, Joey is now healthy and happy.

Loudon warned of hidden Easter hazards to look out for today in order to ensure your pet’s safety. She said that chocolate is highly toxic to dogs, Easter lilies are particularly toxic to cats, and the grass in Easter baskets can cause dangerous obstruction in pets.

Watch the video above for more, and check out some photos of Joey through the years below.

Just a few years ago, Joey had a long recovery ahead of him.

Today, Joey wore his most festive ears to celebrate Easter with the hosts of "Fox and Friends."

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