A man in Sarasota, Florida got more than he bargained for when he stopped in to a CVS to buy some water.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Iraq Vet Turns Tables on Liquor Store Robber

Captured on surveillance video, Jaanus Jurisoo's quick actions stopped a would-be robber. Today on Fox and Friends, the Good Samaritan gave a firsthand account of the tense situation.

When the masked man entered the CVS, he threatened to shoot Jurisoo and a store clerk before going to the pharmacy. The robber was holding what appeared to be a gun in his jacket pocket.

Jurisoo quietly followed him to the back of the store. Then, while the man was distracted robbing the counter of pills, Jurisoo put him in a headlock and tackled him to the ground.  

Jurisoo, who has a background in self-defense, said he knew the element of surprise was on his side because the man wasn’t too observant.

“I was waiting for a moment when he was not pointing that gun towards anybody," he said.

Minutes later, cops showed up and arrested the man, who it turns out did not actually have a gun. 

Police have reportedly identified the suspect as 65-year-old Freddie Johnson, who is now facing an armed robbery charge. He's also facing charges for a similar robbery of a pharmacy a few months ago.

Watch the video and interview above.

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