Twin seven-year-old boys in San Antonio, Texas are being hailed as heroes for fighting off a carjacker who took off with them and their baby brother inside.

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Fox News' Laura Ingle spoke with San Antonio police, who said it could’ve been a tragic ending if the Luis and Lucius hadn’t jumped into action.

The children and their mother, Lucia Lozada, were about to leave for church when Lozada realized she had forgotten the one-year-old baby’s bottle. She left the kids inside the car while she went into the house to grab it.

The keys were left in the ignition, allowing the suspect to drive off. Police do not believe the car thief knew the kids were in the car.

"I saw him walking and I smiled at him because I know him from around here because he's always walking up and down the street. And he looked at me and just ran and got in the car and left," said Lozada. "When I couldn't see the car anymore I started shaking. What am I doing, what am I doing? What is he going to do to my kids?"

Luckily, her twin boys knew just what to do. When they began kicking the man and hitting him with a rubber snake, he dropped them and the baby off at a home about 10 miles away.

The woman at that home said, “The little boy was shaking and he said, ‘they kidnapped us, they kidnapped us.’ I said ‘well come on in, you’re okay.’”

The search continues for the suspect and missing vehicle, but the boys’ mother is just thankful her kids are safe.

Crying, she said, “I thank God that the guy, you know he didn’t harm them. He gave them the phone and told them to call their mom.”

As of Friday afternoon, the carjacker - described as a white man in his mid-30s - was still on the loose.

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