The 911 calls have been released from the fiery bus crash in northern California that killed 10 people.

The April 10th collision happened when a FedEx truck crossed the median and slammed head on into the bus.

More than 40 high school students were on their way to tour a college. Five students, three chaperones and the bus and truck drivers were killed. Eight of the victims has been identified so far.

The calls paint a chaotic picture in the moments after the crash.

Yelling can be heard in the background as one panicked student tells the 911 operator, “The bus hit the FedEx truck, and the FedEx truck hit into us. […] I’m off the bus; the bus is one fire!

The injured students kicked out the windows of the bus and managed to escape moments before the explosion.

“It just exploded, whatever it is on the freeway is on fire,” one witness told the dispatcher.

The exact cause of the crash has not been determined. Investigators are recreating the moments before the accident using clone vehicles. Meanwhile, officials are interviewing witnesses and asking anyone with video to contact the California Highway Patrol.

Listen to the frantic 911 calls above.