In his Talking Points Memo Thursday night, Bill O'Reilly argued that President Obama is showing weakness on the world stage. He said every American can learn a life lesson from what's playing out between Obama and Vladimir Putin.

"If you show weakness in your life, evil people will take advantage. That will happen," he said, arguing President Obama displayed weakness in dealing with Iran, Syria, and now Russia, where there have been no serious consequences for Russia's actions in Ukraine. 

"President Obama is powerless to stop evil aggression," said O'Reilly, pointing out that generally speaking, Americans will not support military action unless the nation is directly attacked.

"The result is danger and a weakening of presidential power. Mr. Obama is seen around the world as a man who will accommodate, not right wrongs. Therefore, the power of America has declined," he said.

O'Reilly likened the current situation to the Jimmy Carter presidency in the late 1970s, saying the question is whether the next president can "restore American power as Ronald Reagan did."

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