Judge Andrew Napolitano sat down with Bill O'Reilly to weigh the constitutional issues at play in the Nevada ranch standoff. O'Reilly said there's no way Cliven Bundy is going to defeat the federal government in court.

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Judge Napolitano has agreed that the government's case is valid, but has taken issue with the Bureau of Land Management's heavy-handed tactics in trying to collect $1 million in grazing fees for Bundy's cattle being on federal lands.

O'Reilly highlighted an idea put forth previously by Judge Napolitano as a way for the government to end the dispute peacefully. Essentially, the government would place a lien on Bundy's land so that it could eventually collect the grazing fees in accordance with the court ruling.

"At some point he (or his heirs) will sell the land or he will die and at that point, the federal government's million dollars plus interest, at a rate fixed by the statute, comes off the top," the judge explained.

O'Reilly said this would allow the government to "take the high road" while still enforcing federal law.

O'Reilly then joked that the Obama administration won't even send a pair of binoculars to help the people in Ukraine, but will send in armed agents in this situation.

"It shows you the attitude of the federal government today and it shows you the resistance of patriotic Americans whose voices were silenced at the scene by being moved three miles away," said Napolitano.

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