White House Press Secretary Jay Carney raised some eyebrows by declaring that the toughest interview President Obama faced during the 2012 campaign was conducted by Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show."

“I think if you look back at 2012, and the series of interviews the sitting president of the United States gave - probably the toughest interview he had was with Jon Stewart,” Carney said during a Q-and-A session at Georgetown University Thursday.

Carney called the sit-down "challenging" and "substantive," applauding Stewart for being a "very smart, sophisticated both consumer of and presenter of the news."

So, what does this say about the rest of the mainstream media?

Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz dropped by Happening Now this afternoon to preview Sunday's show. He'll delve into the Carney comment, and talk to Barton Gellman, who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize along with Glenn Greenwald for reporting on the NSA and Edward Snowden.

And you can catch part two of his sit-down with former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson, who'll delve into the decline of investigative reporting and the bizarre incident in which she believes her computer was hacked.

Check out a preview of Attkisson's interview below, and tune in to Media Buzz, Sunday at 11a/5p ET on Fox News.