On The Five, Greg Gutfeld presented New York Times columnist and blogger Paul Krugman with the "Evil Genius" award over his new position at the City University of New York. The Nobel laureate is set to make $225,000 over a nine-month period as a “distinguished scholar.”

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Krugman will not teach classes, but rather work on behalf of the Luxembourg Income Study Center to highlight issues related to income inequality.

Gutfeld asked whether this is an example of liberal hypocrisy, saying CUNY is paying Krugman $25,000 a month to "drop by once in a while."

"Let's recap. 'Krugs' will yak about inequality for 25 G's a month. For is there no better way to point out the absurd extremes of inequality than getting paid eight times what other professors get?" Gutfeld asked, likening it to a doctor spreading the flu so he can treat it.

"He creates the problem and arrives on the scene to provide the solution!" he said.

Bob Beckel said there is income inequality in America, and criticized Krugman for "hurting the cause" by accepting this lucrative position.

Watch Gutfeld's full monologue above, and the subsequent discussion with Bob, Andrea, Eric and Dana.

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