Greta Van Susteren went Off the Record last night to take on "Senate Majority Bully" Harry Reid. Reid has made headlines all week for his aggressive stance against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who is refusing to recognize the federal government's right to collect grazing fees for his cattle being on federal land.

EXCLUSIVE: Bundy Hits Back After Reid Calls Family's Supporters 'Domestic Terrorists'

Earlier this week, Reid said the standoff "is not over," leading many to question whether the feds would move back in with more force. Then on Thursday, Reid labeled the protesters who flocked to the Bundy ranch as "domestic terrorists."

In her commentary, Greta questioned how Harry Reid still has his job as majority leader.

"I would think they'd give him the boot. He doesn't lead. The Senate has been in a virtual lockdown for years. But worse, he has become nothing more than a schoolyard bully, slinging insults," she said, adding that Reid is setting a poor example as one of the most prominent political leaders in the country.

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