Parents in Washington state were livid over the weekend when two masked men abducted a young boy from a playground as part of a kidnapping awareness video. The problem was that no one else at the park in Sequim, Wash., knew that the men were not real kidnappers.

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In the unbelievable video, one man in a ski mask grabs the four-year-boy off a park bench and runs back to a car with him, where a second masked man drives off.

Here's more details from ABC News:

Jason Holden, 24, and his twin brother Jeremy, coordinated the hoax with their stepmother who allowed them to fake-kidnap their 4-year-old half brother for the video. Holden and his brother called the police prior to undertaking the prank to let them know what they were planning.

“The police never said it wasn’t a good idea,” said Holden. “They asked for our name and number and said they would notify the police in our area.”

However, representatives from the Sequim Police Department disagree.

“We got a call moments before the incident happened at the park, with someone saying something to the effect of they are going to be filming a documentary-type video involving a fake kidnapping,” Sgt. Detective Sean Madison told ABC News. “We don’t consider that to be a warning or an advisement.”

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Other parents became frantic, chasing the vehicle and rushing to call 911, while children in the park were understandably shaken.

"[It was] absolutely moronic. It's appalling that they would do that in front of all these people with their kids," said Tiffany Barnett, who added her daughter is "still terrified," asking her "what if they take me?"

The ordeal lasted about five minutes, then the boy was returned to the park, where the fake kidnappers faced the fury of the parents. They say the video was meant to raise awareness about kidnapping. But as some Fox News fans have pointed out on Facebook, these guys were also lucky that no one at the park was carrying a gun.

Police are looking into possible charges, but none have been filed at this time. 

Check out the report from Fox and Friends above, and the YouTube video below.

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