"Ludicrous, ridiculous, outrageous." These are the some of the words being used to describe a set of guidelines given to elementary school students in Nebraska on what to do if they're being bullied.

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One rule stated that a bullied kid should "treat the person who is being mean as if they're trying to help you." Another instructed students not to "tell on" bullies and "learn to laugh at yourself."

In the the photo below, you can read the "advice" in full, which was given to youngsters at Zeman Elementary School in Lincoln.

The list quickly went viral, and was posted on Jezebel.com under the headline, "Nebraska School Gives Most Idiotic Advice Ever to Deal with Bullies." The school then retracted the guidelines and issued the following apology on its Facebook page:

"A flyer that contained inaccurate information regarding how to handle bullying situations was sent home with Zeman Elementary School fifth-graders. Here are parts of the letter from the Zeman principal sent to families this afternoon to apologize and offer accurate information about how to handle situations."

Elisabeth, Clayton and Steve reacted this morning on Fox and Friends to the severely "out of touch" advice. Watch the discussion above, and let us know your thoughts below.

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