Some cool video coming to America's Newsroom out of Utah, showing a professional freeride mountain biker's death-defying descent down a canyon. Geoff Gulevich discussed the POV footage, which was recorded with a GoPro camera mounted on his helmet at the 2013 Red Bull Rampage.

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Gulevich noted that the day before this run, he had two wipeouts on the course, though he was lucky not to be hurt.

Gulevich said the most dangerous thing about going down a canyon at such a high rate of speed is that the wind can knock the rider right off the bike.

"When your wheels are spinning in the air, they act like sails so when the wind hits them it can push the bike right out from under you," said Gulevich, noting that cameras like GoPro's "have changed the game."

Hemmer asked what the average person might not understand about the difficulty of this kind of mountain biking.

Gulevich said "tons of stuff," but estimates it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice before you can even attempt this kind of run.

Watch the footage and the interview above. Check out the full YouTube video below:

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