Two fire trucks heading to fight the same fire outside Los Angeles collided, slamming one into a busy restaurant. 15 people were injured, including six firefighters.

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Cell phone video inside the restaurant after the crash shows a man pinned between a table and the fire truck. He is listed in critical condition.

The California Highway Patrol is investigating.  

Below are more details from FOX 11 LA:

A Monterey Park Fire Department truck wound up largely inside the Lu Dumpling House at the corner of Emerson and Garfield avenues. The truck had apparently collided with an Alhambra Fire Department ladder truck.

The crews in both trucks were heading to the scene of a house fire in southern Monterey Park when the collision occurred at 3:15 p.m., Monterey Park Fire Department Chief Jim Birrell said.


A man standing outside the dim sum eatery was shoved through the front entrance. The cashier, and her table, were slammed across the small room. Half a dozen customers on the other side ducked, as broken glass rained on them, cutting arms and legs.

Six firefighters on the trucks were injured, one of them seriously. The man pinned under the truck was pulled out, and transported in critical condition. Altogether, fifteen people were injured, according to Monterey park fire chief Jim Morrell, who shook his head as reporters asked if he'd ever seen anything like this.

"The protocols" he explained, " as we approach an intersection, with lights and siren on, is to slow down and proceed with caution". He confirmed that both agencies were hearing the same dispatch, Verdugo Fire Communications center regional, which handles a lot of the foothill communities.

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