This is the best story you’ll read all day. Twin veterans George and Bill Swanson just celebrated their 95th birthday together. After three years apart, they spent their birthday with family and friends in Louisville, Kentucky.

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The brothers served together in World War II and had a double wedding marrying two best friends on the same day.

Recalling that special day, George asked Bill, “Did the girls want it or did we decide?”

He replied, “The girls wanted it and we did too.”

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They were born in 1919 when Woodrow Wilson was President of the United States and gas was only $0.25 a gallon. But, as they turn another year older, they're still focused on the future and their family.

"He doesn't like it when I say 'that's my baby brother,'" said George, who's 20 minutes older than his brother.

"I have to listen to everything he says, he's the boss," joked Bill.

The two have been bonded since birth. They grew up dressing alike, learning to drive together and also sharing their love for women.


Besides sharing a birthday and a wedding, both men are also on a Wall of Honor inside the Oxmoor lodge for their service in World War II.

Bill enlisted in the Army/Air Force in 1942. He deployed to England where his company marched before the King and Queen. George joined him the following year.

"Just after the invasion, June 6, he was able to join me and the Articles of War said if he wanted to come over and serve in a combat zone nothing can stop it."

Both served until 1945, got jobs, had families, and eventually retired. Now they're celebrating more than nine decades of life.

"You know," said Bill, "when you get to be 70 and 75 and 80, you just don't think it can go on and on and on every five years. We just never thought it could happen, it did though."

With vodka tonics in hand, George and Bill reminisced about the past and cracked a few jokes, and even though they were born 20 minutes apart, the men grow closer with time.

"Day by day," said Bill, "you might say it's an old cliché, but it's just day by day, we take it as it comes."

George lives in Wisconsin, while Bill resides in Louisville. The last time the twins were together was on a surprise trip to Florida in 2011.

Check out a photo of the Swanson brothers on their wedding day:

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