An ACC football program has come under attack by the Freedom From Religion Foundation for its alleged "commingling of religion and athletics."

Clemson University's football coaching staff has been accused of "unconstitutional behaviors" by the foundation for head coach Dabo Swinney's vocal support of Christian prayer and religious practices among his players.

Swinney has also come under fire by the group for employing a team chaplain.

"Christian worship seems interwoven into Clemson's football program. We are concerned that this commingling of religion and athletics results, not from student initiative, but rather from the attitudes and unconstitutional behaviors of the coaching staff," the Freedom From Religion Foundation said in an April 10 complaint to the university. 

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Kirsten Powers Opens Up About Finding Christianity

Fox News political analyst Kirsten Powers and development director for the American Atheists Nick Fish weighed in on Clemson's conundrum on 'Hannity.'

Fish contended that Coach Swinney's rhetoric is inappropriate at a public university. "This is about a coach, who, during recruitment visits has said, 'I'm a Christian, and if you don't like that, you need to go somewhere else,' he also said, 'My first job is to pray.' It's not religious intolerance to say that this man is not behaving appropriately."

Kirsten Powers said that Swinney should be able to support and promote religion on his own time, but that it didn't sound like Swinney was doing it on his own time. 

"I'm a Christian, and I take my faith very seriously, but I don't think that that kind of behavior is appropriate. I don't think he should be telling people, 'if you're not a Christian, you can't come play here.' That's not his place to say that," Powers said.

"I think he would be crossing a line there, if, in fact, he's doing that," Powers added.

Do you think Coach Swinney's actions are a violation of students' constitutional rights? Watch the video above and decide for yourself.