A Texas congressman is trying to seize U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's paycheck.

A bill proposed by Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold, a Republican, would halt the salary of any government official who is found in contempt of Congress.

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"We've got the power of the purse in Congress. Why don't we pass something that says if you're in contempt of Congress, we don't pay you?" Farenthold said 'On the Record' with Greta Van Susteren.

Farenthold added that it could be another way to get the attorney general to come forward with the Fast and Furious documents that Congress has been requesting for years, although, he said, "It's not just aimed at Eric Holder individually."

"If you were in contempt of Fox News, you probably wouldn't be getting your paycheck," Farenthold told Van Susteren.

Farenthold told Van Susteren that the bill was born out of  an inability to get Holder to do anything.

"Holder's not going to prosecute himself," Farenthold said, "So we've got to come up with some enforcement mechanism, and this is one I think we have the Constitutional authority to do."

Farenthold said the bill is aimed at "pulling some power back to Congress" that has been eroded into the executive branch over the years.

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