Ron Paul has become the newest target of the IRS. The agency is demanding that the former presidential candidate’s group, Campaign for Liberty, releases its list of donors.

The group is fighting the IRS’s request despite being fined for not complying.

Neil Cavuto spoke to Paul on Your World about this developing story. He said the organization has been fined almost $13K in penalties already.

Two years ago when the IRS requested the donor list, the nonprofit group wrote a letter citing privacy concerns. The matter was dropped and the group wasn't fined, but now it's fighting the same battle again.

The IRS said in a statement to Fox News: “Federal law prohibits the IRS from discussing or commenting on any particular taxpayer’s situation or case.”

Paul suggested the agency has been politicized, telling Cavuto that it’s similar to the targeting of Tea Party groups.

Alluding to the Obama administration, he said, “Although the abuse has been bipartisan in recent years, it’s the party in power … and it’s been the most abuse I’ve ever seen or heard of.”

Cavuto asked the former congressman if he thinks this happened because his son, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), may run for president.

Paul responded, “I guess almost anything is possible in government. […] He may get a couple of benefits by him being my son, but he also has some disadvantages.”