There are new developments in the battle between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the federal government, including allegations that some of the family's cattle were buried in mass graves.

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The Bureau of Land Management said on Friday night that “illegal” structures – water tanks and corrals – on Bundy’s ranch had to be removed to restore the land to its natural state.

William La Jeunesse reported today (video above) that the court order justifying the BLM operation appears to give the agency the authority to only seize and impound the cattle. New footage shows that holes were cut in water tanks and fences damaged.

Bundy blames the BLM wranglers, who also allegedly killed two prized bulls. In an exclusive video obtained from the Bundy family (below), Griff Jenkins reported on On the Record that an unknown number of cows were buried in a mass grave.

In another video, Bundy family friend Corey Houston shows a fence in good condition where one of the bulls was supposedly creating an uproar. BLM has not yet responded to Fox News’ requests for comment.

Meanwhile, the rancher has since gotten his 400 cattle back from BLM. 

The agency had said that if he didn't pay the $1 million in grazing fees, they would sell his cattle. The problem, La Jeunesse reported, is that no one in Nevada wanted to touch Bundy’s cattle out of fear of being blacklisted.

Nevada Agriculture Commissioner Ramona Morrison said, “The sale yards are very nervous about taking what has in the past been basically stolen cattle from the federal government.”

Documents show BLM paid a Utah wrangler $966K to collect Bundy’s cattle and Utah auctioneer to sell them. That move was met with resistance from Utah Governor Gary Herbert (R).

On April 2, three days before the BLM roundup, Gov. Herbert wrote a letter to the agency that reads in part: “As Governor of Utah, I urgently request that a herd of cattle seized by the Bureau of Land Management … from Cliven Bundy NOT be sent to Utah. These are serious concerns about human safety and animal health and well-being, if these animals are shipped to and sold in Utah.”

Bundy still refuses to recognize federal authority over the land. He continues to use it in violation of the court order which says his argument is “without merit.”

Watch William's report above on the damage at the ranch, and Griff's report below on the mass grave.

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