The parents of a Colorado mother at the middle of a death investigation were on “The Kelly File” to discuss an alleged cover-up.

Police have reopened the investigation into the death of Ashley Fallis, a mother of three who died of a gunshot wound to the head following a New Year’s Eve party at her home. Authorities reopened the probe after Fox31 Denver unearthed evidence that suggests her death, originally ruled a suicide, may have been a cover-up.

Police Reopen Colorado Death Probe Initially Ruled a Suicide

Parents Joel Raguindin and Jenna Fox said their daughter’s husband, Tom Fallis, killed her, and Det. Michael Yates covered it up. Tom is a former corrections officer.

Ashley’s parents had left her New Year’s Eve party 10 minutes before she was shot. Fox said they left the home because the couple was fighting, but they only turned the corner, where they debated whether or not to go back to the house because they were so concerned. When they saw first responders speed by, she said she instantly knew something was wrong and they turned around.

Fox said that Ashley had divorce papers and said Tom was having an affair. She also said that Tom has anger issues.

Information included in the police report goes against or omits testimony from witnesses, including the couple’s 6-year-old daughter, who allegedly saw Tom shoot Ashley. The police report says that didn’t happen because the door was closed.

The couple’s three children remain in Tom’s custody.

Watch the interview with Ashley’s parents above.

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