Florida police are looking for three men who shot a former Marine in the face and then stole his car.

Ralph Tackett, 49, heard a crash outside of his home and drove down his driveway to see what happened.

The suspects then approached him and asked for a tire. The victim’s son said his father responded, “A tire? I think you need more than that.”

That’s when one of the suspects shot Tackett in the jaw.

Tackett’s Marine training kicked in, and he opened his car door, smacking one of the suspects with it. He then ran back to his house.

The suspects drove off in Tackett’s car. They reportedly stole the vehicle that they originally crashed from another former Marine.

Tackett, a father of two, now has three plates in his jaw and is missing teeth. He has undergone surgery and has more surgery ahead.

The former Marine, who is known for helping people, says he won’t be doing that anymore. He said he wants these three suspects caught.

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