Dan Springer reported this morning from Seattle, where there's a growing controversy over a Catholic high school's firing of a vice principal who married his male partner. Springer noted that three Catholic school employees have lost their jobs in recent months over violations of the morals clause in their contracts.

The one that has generated the most publicity is the firing of Mark Zmuda, who filed a discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuit against Eastside Catholic and the Seattle Archdiocese last month. Many students have rallied to support to Zmuda, and some are highlighting Pope Francis' statement on homosexuality.

Pope Francis made headlines last year when he said, "If someone is gay, who searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

The Archdiocese has not backed down, prompting some parents to pull their kids out of the school. Springer pointed out that not all theologians and Catholics interpret Pope Francis' statement to mean that the Catholic Church has changed its stance on gay marriage.

Fox News religion contributor Father Jonathan Morris explained that if somebody decides to purposely do something against the teachings of the church in a public way, then "that's when you become an anti-witness to the very thing you're supposed to be passing on to the kids."

Watch Springer's report above.